Golden Bird Introduction

Taiwan Golden Bird Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience so far. Its long-term business philosophy embraces sustainable management and innovative technology. It integrates design, production, sales, and export operations. It emphasizes integrity and high quality. The most satisfactory service to customers.

Golden Bird Plastics Industry has now produced a number of series of products, including industrial plastic bags, industrial films, fog masks, agricultural films, etc. ... Variety of species, with different customer needs, customized production.

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Professional agricultural film, reduce pests and diseases, protect plant growth

The purpose of using greenhouse agricultural PE film is to create a good internal environment, not be affected by the external environment, effectively block the direct light and refracted light generated by the isolation of sunlight, achieve heat insulation effect, provide a good environment to reduce pests and diseases, and help Vegetables grow quickly and increase crops and quality effectively.

Greenhouse film basic introduction

  • Superior transparency

    For any incident angle of light, with excellent lighting, through the additional anti-ultraviolet function, scattered light, shading features.

  • UV stability (film durability)

    Unstable agricultural film will be embrittled after 4-6 months, depending on the thickness of the film and the main purpose of adding UV stabilizer to achieve film durability.

  • Insulation, heat dissipation

    Special additives are used inside the film, so that most of the infrared radiation emitted from the shed is reflected back, effectively controlling heat loss, ensuring the growth temperature of the crop at night, shortening the maturation period, and effectively preventing nighttime temperature dips from causing crops.

  • Drip-proof agricultural film

    Hot air is more humid than cold air. As the greenhouse temperature drops at night, water vapor is compressed in the air and small water droplets are on the film. These water droplets can reduce the transmission of light and the generation of germs.