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About Golden Bird

Taiwan Golden Bird Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of experience so far. Its long-term business philosophy embraces sustainable management and innovative technology. It integrates design, production, sales, and export operations. It emphasizes integrity and high quality. The most satisfactory service to customers.

Golden Bird Plastics Industry has now produced a number of series of products, including industrial plastic bags, industrial films, fog masks, agricultural films, etc. ... Variety of species, with different customer needs, customized production.

Environmental protection loves the earth

Golden Bird's plastics industry responds to the progress of the times, stresses environmental protection, and reduces pollution. Encouraged by the love of all walks of life, Golden Bird Plastics Industrial Co., Ltd. will exert greater economic value on its products and is willing to create an era of refined plastics industry with new and old customers around the world. Founded in 1987, Golden Bird Plastics Industry has devoted many years to the production, research, and manufacturing of greenhouse agricultural films.

We always uphold the quality, service, innovation, reliability, trust, and listening to the needs of our customers as our business philosophy and operating principles.

Innovative Technology

Our products mainly include Uighur, Jiangfan, PEP film, SPO, PO, and eucalyptus cloth. We use unique formulas and production techniques to help customers solve problems. We believe that a good internal environment in the greenhouse can increase crop yields and quality.